My Neighborhood Rocks

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Project Description

@2014 Phileas Productions

Many of us think that we live in the best area of our city, country or even the world; there are usually a number of very different reasons behind this belief: the people, the atmosphere, it’s beauty, the food… and that’s what we want them to be able to
transmit against competing contestants.
My Neighborhood Rocks, it’s a reality competition, where 4 people (of different ages, social classes and of course Neighborhoods) have the opportunity to measure up against each other in a competition to prove that “my neighborhood is the best.”
The contestant puts everything they can into showing off their best of their neighbourhood in terms of:
Food and Drink: Each contestant has to show off the typical cuisine of their local area; the restaurants and bars that are most interesting, of course, unique to their own point of view …
People: Friendliness, closeness, openness, glamour, style, fashion… of the locals. Leisure: Contestants must assess the ability of having fun in their neighbourhood (from the trendy venues to sporting activities…)
Culture: They have to show them the history, architecture, traditions and festivals, cultural and musical events of their neighbourhood.

The last day, the 4 contestants will vote by giving either 5, 3 or 1 point to the other contestants. After the scoring, we’ll find out who is the winner of the week, taking home a cash prize of 2,500€ for themselves and 2,500€ for their neighborhood. Besides that, the Neighborhood with the highest score from the viewers votes (conducted through our app), receive the grand prize of € 20,000.
The App will stimulate participation and interactivity with the audience; while this app will also serve as a tour guide for all those who will be visiting these locations and want to discover places from the series.

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